Friday, June 6, 2008

A New Concept in ID Cards Protects Children Traveling Abroad

For those who spend time traveling, it may already be apparent how important a child's safety is. Mary Wesley is one woman who knows quite well. On her last trip to Italy, her four year old son disappeared. With a new concept in child I.D. cards she could have saved herself much stress, and wasted time.

"I turned around and he was gone," Wesley says, when asked about her trip. "I was watching him, I turned to pay for our lunch, looked back and he had disappeared."

Unfortunately this type of story is way too common for travelers. The situation can lead to huge amounts of stress for parents, and really it can ruin an entire trip.

To make matters worse the children, in these situations, often don't speak the language that is native to the country they're visiting.

Many parents are using a new type of child I.D. card when they travel abroad. Of course we all hope that we're never in the same situation as Mrs. Wesley. But, if it did happen, these simple identification cards can make a bad situation both faster and easier to deal with.

The child I.D. card includes a picture of the child, a picture of both parents, and information on how to contact the parents. The info may include phone numbers, hotel addresses, or other pertinent instructions for contacting the parent. With this information listed in the language native to the country the travelers are visiting, anyone who finds that child is able to contact the parents right away.

Some parents choose to make these identification cards themselves. Others are turning to simple tools, such as the Passport Photo software from OnTheGoSystems. This unique software allows you to add the three photos, add the text, and then print an I.D. card in only minutes. It even includes a link to common translations of phrases used on these cards.

Things did turn out okay for Mrs. Wesley in the end. She found her four-year old son.
When asked about the result of the situation she replied, "We spent all day, in a panic, until we finally found him two blocks away. He was sitting with an older Italian gentleman who had decided to keep him there until we showed up. Thank god he was there" Mary said.

It stands to reason that the situation may have been resolved faster, if only Mrs. Wesley had given her child an I.D. card.

Those who travel abroad will want to consider making I.D. cards to help keep their children safe. For help getting started, Passport Photo software is a good tool.

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